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- Dr K J Mohan

It was grand father H M Reddy who introduced me to elder brother L.V.Prasad in Rohini Pictures Office

It was there at that get together our everlasting impact of fraternity was generated. Wherever and whenever we met we used to exchange pleasantries.

Dr K J Mohan with L V PrasadPrasad was born into a respectable ryot family at Somavarappadu near Eluru not far away from my native village Katuru. Our brotherly communications of welfare continued wherever we may live.

Prasad is a dedicated cine technician who believed in dignity of labour. He discharged his duties with honesty and sincerity irrespective of several odd jobs he was asked to do. He had not only had the unique distinction of appearing in the first Indian talkie "Alam Ara" but also appearing on Hindi stage. He acted in several dramas presented by Prithvi Theatres of Prithivi Rai Kapur. When I was at Bombay, I happened to see one of the state plays "Deewar", in which Prasad appeared.

By taking meticulous care wihtout leaving anything to chance he claimed from a humble foot - hill to the prinacle of glory.

L V Prasad receiving DADA SAHEB PHALKE AWARD from Zail Singh the President of India in 1982After appearing in a couple of films made by H M Reddy at Madras, Prasad returned to Bombay. Brother K S Prakasa Rao invited him back to Madras to direct and act in Sarathi Films "Grihapravesam" in Telugu, scripted by one of my colleagnes T.Gopichand.

On the 1 st October 1946 my mentor gudavalli Ramabrahmam passed away while making the historic classic in Telugu "Palnati yuddham" I was working with him as an associate Director. After his demise.

Prasad was asked to complete the film. This time we both met again and worked together. He appreciated the screenplay prepared while Ramabrahmam was alive and did justice to it. That movie was a grand success. It was a pleasure to work with Prasad. I have found in him a personality of diligency in coordination.

Prasad was the President of CTA for 3 terms (1948 to 51) This is another chance for me to work with him. He used to say that whatever we do to the welfare of our brother technicians should be purposeful. We contributed our mite to reach that goal. The L.V.Prasad Award launched by him stands testimony and ever remembered.

Raja Sandow Memorial Award for the year 1978 - 79 was received the L V Prasad from M.G. Ramachandran the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 15.8.1981Prasad never craved for awards for himself but they have come to him to mention a very few Dada Saheb Phalke Award, CTA Ramnoth Award, Raghupathy Venkiah Award - the list is endless.

During my sojourn at Hyderabad, we both met one again.

By that time Prasad's Eye Hospital is working in full swing with eminent doctorsand latest equipment. During our casual dialogue I have asked him why he has chosen tofound an opthalmic hospital instead of a general hospital. He reminded me about the silent era of movies and said that at first we have seen with our eyes the moving images on the screen then came the talkie era, So eyes are the important of human organs.

I echoed his sentiment in sanskrit "Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam" He was happy. To-day our Prasad's vision of human eye care stands as one of the outstanding eye hospitals of India, like other film institutions founded by him.

Prasad was a distinguished father of Indian Cinema. He was a true Karma Yogi. In this context I quote a sloka from Gnana Yoga of Bhagawad Gita :

"Karmanya Karmayah Pasye Da Karmani Cha Karma Yah
Sa Buddhima Nmanu Shyeshu Sa Yuktah Kritsna Karma Krit."
My free transalation of the sloka reads thus:

"Whoever in the midst of intense activity finds intense peace and whoever in the midst of greatest peace finds the greatest activity he is a Karma Yogi, he arrives at perfection".

That was our brother technician Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasad, who is no more with us yet leaving us a rich cine cultural heritage to imbive.

Om Santhi