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- K.S. RAO

Confident in himself Conscious in attempts Calm in approach Catalyst of art forms Celebrity among stalwarts Captain on duty
and above all humble and humane was Shri L.V.Prasad.

Like so many middle class people, he too started his early life in far off Bombay, as a gate keeper in a cinema Theatre (Where he was given Royal reception in recent years, for the successful run of his production) strived hard mentally, physically and spiritually for a number of years and became the supporter 'Of hundreds of families in different parts of our country. At no time he neither deviated from his principles nor avaricious to reach the goal.

From the very first step of molding a story, till it reaches the audience, he took meticulous care, which was his forte.

Any picture either directed by him or in which he acted, is like a text book to the willing and upcoming technicians.

By the demise of Shri Prasad Indian Film Industry have lost the last pillar which was till now bridging the silent era and video era.

L V Prasad continues to hold sway in the film-making world, even as his productions continue to encourage the new generation of film directors. Indeed Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasad Rao is a Man for All Seasons!

                                                                 - K.N.T. SASTRY