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Random Thoughts of our Gentleman Allrounder

It was the year 1949 when Vijaya Production started their maiden picture "SHAVUKARU" and it was then I (I was a laboratory Assistant then) had the fortune of meeting Shri Prasad Garu and developing his friendship. Inspite of our age difference, he developed a liking to me and treated me as his equal and friend. A lot of production and direction technique were almost "taught" by him. I would be mixing chemicals at the back of the laboratory (it was first situated in the main building) and he would be passing that side to go to shooting floor or return from the same. His captivating smile would be respectfully returned and that is how our familiarity bloosmed into friendship. Whenever he visited the lab, he never failed to enquire about me and if I was on duty, called me for a chat. Even after my leaving Vijaya Lab, we met quite often and when he wanted to start a motion picture laboratory in Hyderabad, I was sent for and he and his son-in-low discussed the set up with me. Later even to when I switched over to Radio Advertising and documentary production, I was in contact with him. His kind enquiries of me as to how I was faring in the business gave me great moral support and strength. His presence in our Teachnicians' meetings - that matter any meeting - added dignitary to the forum. He was hundred percent a motion picture gentleman - whatever he earnt in the field, he put it back in the industry and developed the same. He mastered every aspect of the intricacies of this tricky industry - from script to screen - you name it he knew it - but he was always modest. He had trained his family members to keeep the flag fly high of the "Kingdom" he has built for which we will be ever greatful. May his soul rest in peace.

As Times Change, many things tend to change: That is indeed an indication of progress. Today's films are quite different from yesterdays. I welcome these changes

                                                                         - L. V. Prasad