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Krishnaswamy who worked with Shri L V Prasad in CTA for nearly three decades as Hon'ary Secretary, Vice President and Later President from 1959 to 1962.

The occasion was when Prasadji's name was announced as a recipient of the much coveted Dada Saheb Phalke Award. I went to his room to congratulate him. He was in conference with Music Directors Lakshmikanth - Pyarelal. Receiving the fruits I gave him in his own characteristic guffa he introduced me to Lakshmikanth Pyarelal "This is N.K. who made me the President of CTA". I do not know how much I deserve this but one thing i can assure there was not a single day in the late 40's and in 50's where we had not met each other, exchange views for the benefit of the Film Industry and particularly Cine technicians". I used to be treated as a member of his family and in each important function in his house I had naturally some part.

On the Professional side, I have a word to speak about Prasadji's views in relation to K Ramnothji's . It mav be remembered that I was the Secretary for CT A with the alternating Presidents Prasadji and Ramnothji who breathed life to the cine technicians. While Ramnothji would like to do only one film at a time, Prasadji preferred accepting few more also in keeping with changes taking place then in the production sector demanding more number of films, more film assignments for artistes. This period was certainly a turning point in the film industry. Contracted labour rather than working for a single institution was fast becoming operational. The manifestations of this aspect in the comparison, therefore need the studied for the potential change that was taking place in the working system of the film industry. More number of pictures were needed, more shifts were needed for the increased number of productions, studios therefore had to plan shifts, restrict the hours per shift etc a transformation that went to benefit the industrial infrastructure.

Both Prasadji and Ramnothji strongly sent in support for cine technicians not only in Madras but all over India, to come together, discuss problems, exchange views for their common cause. This resulted in the several All India Cine Technicians conference, the Cricket match played by North versus Southern Cine Stars which has established support between North and South.

That to these two great personalities owe the Cine Technicians Association, is exaggeration At this moment of despair that these two are no longer with us, there is certainly a ray of hope that CTA is moving ahead , despite thoughtless references, hurdles etc. This has become possible because I can, without fear of contradiction, assure readers that the CTA started from its early years, systematically keeping up democratic principles and values.

Laudable in Action
Versatile in Profession
Perfect in Presentation
Rational in Discussion
Aristocratic in Function
Superb ub Supervision
Amiable in Coordination
Diligent in Decision

- L. V. Prasad