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L V Prasad The Body And Soul of Filmdom

- K S Prasad Rao
K S Prasad Rao
From a nobody to become a some body and finally to blossom into THE BODY and SOUL of films, in all its channels is the life history of our revered, late Sri L. V. Prasad. His is not the story of luck of Desting. He is the story of studions effort and perseveesce.

I an fortunate in having closer with Mr. Prasad and his illustrious family.

We first met each other at Bomaby in 1943 where I was to act as a Hero in Mr.Mazharkhan's proposed telugu movie and he was an assistant Director in a Hindi movie and we held each other in reverence.

Later, when I was to produce a movie for Sarathi films to be directed by the late Mr. Gopichand, we wanted an efficeint assistant director. I immediately chose Mr. Prasad for the job.

He came and impressed on Mr.Gopichand so well that Mr. Gopichand saggested to me that he would relinguish his directorial assignment in favour of Mr.Prasad, I liked his gesture and we strived successfully to introduce him as the Director of that - movie" Griha pravesam", featuring in it Mr. Prasad was hero and Dr. Bhanumathi Ramakrishna as its Heroine: The movie was a very successful one.

His second picture to direct is "DROHI" in telugu while I produced for Swatantra films. I was the Hero in it and Mr. Prasad featured in a small role which turned a Land Mark in film acting. The picture was another instant success and Mr. Prasad scored high as a Director. Now no looking back for Mr. Prasad until he made the film field his main domain.

When I attended the opening function of Prasad Laboratory in Hyderabad, he was very jublcant and said you brought me down from Bombay... I cut him short there andasked him to say that I have not failed in my choise to find you and I also added.L. V. Prasad and Bhanumathi on the set of RANI Tamil - Hindi

"You deserved all this sucess on your own"

"Thank you" he said.

Above all this, he returned all his movies for the growth of the films and dedicated his dynasty to serve the films. It is his unparrallal devotation to the films.

I am thankful to CTA for thier dutiful raising of a remembrance day of MR. L.V.PRASAD.

Prasad is a shrewd person - the profits that he earned should find a proper utility value. He started buying equipment - mobile units - but these equipments started bringing profits too. The answer was: more and more involvement in getting improved facilities to pictures. That brings into focus Prasad Studios and Laboratories.

                                                                 - K S Prakash Rao